Flu Jabs

17th February, 2017 Uncategorized

NHS England would like the support of Mencap network partners to raise awareness and help encourage more people with a learning disability to take up the offer of a free flu jab.

The key messages for people are:

  • See your doctor, nurse or a pharmacist to get the free flu jab
  • Don’t wait – get the flu jab as soon you can
  • The flu jab is free because you need it. If you get very ill you might even need to go to hospital.
  • The flu jab is an injection in your arm. Don’t let this stop you. The doctor, nurse or pharmacist will look after you.
  • The flu jab is very quick and can protect you from getting very ill.

But did you know that if you are a carer, you too are eligible for a free flu jab?

  • Care for someone with a learning disability? Get the flu jab so you do not get ill or pass the virus on.
  • If you are terrified of needles, ask your doctor about the nasal vaccine.
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