Access to a Social Worker

17th February, 2017 Uncategorized

At a meeting with the Head of Hampshire’s Learning Disability department we learned of some forthcoming changes on how users and carers access services as from 1st April 2017.

Due to cuts in spending the present direct care manager system will be replaced by a call centre called Hants Direct.  Some social work posts will go.  Another part of the reasoning for this is that social work time is increasingly spent on invoicing and payment issues so this is meant to free them up to tackle issues requiring closer contact.

This means that all enquiries and concerns will be addressed in the first place to the call centre.  This includes queries about direct payments, safeguarding, housing, support and so on.  If signposting is the answer then they will give out that information.  If the need is greater the call centre will refer the case to the Short Term team of social workers.  If the need is greater still, this will be referred to the Long Term team. The New Forest area social workers will still be served from the hub in Totton but from our understanding you will no longer be able to contact them directly.

For safeguarding issues and concerns you can use the call centre facility immediately and we are assured that the matter will be dealt with quickly.

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