Ways Into Work

17th February, 2017 Uncategorized

We heard from Becky Beecham from Ways Into Work which is a social enterprise company aiming to get people into paid employment.  Referral is currently via care managers (which will have to be reviewed in light of the changes mentioned in Access to Social Workers, above).

The company engages with employers, helps them through their selection process (instead of an interview they can arrange for a person to work free for a day or a week to see if they are suitable); they look at job descriptions and if appropriate help the employer to split the role in such a way as to accommodate more than one person of relevant ability; they carry out travel training; arrange Access to Work claims and offer ongoing support.

The company has just moved into the Hampshire area following a successful three years in Berkshire.

You can see more here:  https://www.hantslocaloffer.info/en/Ways_into_Work

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