Concessionary (disability) bus pass in Hampshire

27th March, 2018 Uncategorized

Concessionary bus pass

The concessionary bus pass is a national scheme so comes under national rules.

This means that anyone with this bus pass can

  • travel out of region
  • travel at any time of day including morning rush hour. However, be aware that it is Hampshire that has waived the time limitation and another county may not have done the same

People with a disability can apply for the bus pass on-line and it can be used in conjunction with the taxi share scheme.

Companion bus pass

This is NOT part of the national scheme.  It is a concession provided by Hampshire County Council.  Therefore the benefits are not conferred across border into say, Dorset or Southampton (which has its own Unitary Council status).

However, if you start your journey in Hampshire you can go across the county border but, in order to return the companion will need to buy a ticket as far as the county border.  The person with the disability will not have to do this because their own disability bus pass is part of the national scheme.

In addition the Companion Bus Pass has to be applied for by post and not on-line.

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